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30 August 2005

Ok..Day 5?? No Day 6.... Ahh forget it!
Today we had the first PT day of the year.... It went rather well, except for cetain glass objects getting broken (I didn't do it!!!). After we finished PT we had a LET 1 cadet recite the cadet creed for promotion, he did very well for only getting 24 hrs to learn it. I am going to talk to my Platoon leader about putting this LET 1 up for cadet of the month, I think it would be a good choice I just have to discuss it with the PL. We had to teach everyone how to do a PT formation today, and the PL didnt know the commands,but he does now...I think, a lot of cadets were having trouble with what to do, but I think they got it now.
Now for the funny story of the day............
It was in between 6th and 7th hour....I was outside taking down flags.... came inside to put the flags away and get my stuff and go to math.... The instructor was not there he had left.... I find a teacher who has a master key to get in the classroom, he unlocks the door I put the flags away, BUT my stuff is in the office that is locked.. For the next 20 minutes I wander around trying to find someone with the key to the office... I come across the asst. principal and the principal.. who have the key.. YES....I go into the office and get my stuff and go the the last 15/20 minutes of class..... The moral of the story is..... DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRAPPER IN THE OFFICE... The End.
(C'mon laugh, you know you want to!!!)

29 August 2005

It's the first full week of school...yaaay... In JROTC today I had to help teach all the new people D&C (and some of the old people). Its going..well..except for those who think left is right and right is left, but me and the platoon leader will have them all straightened out..... In the class I TA for there is a kid who just jumps instead of trying to pivot... We had Orientation tonight, my parents and I were practically the only ones in most of my classes... WOW!!! I have Raiders practice Thursday at 0600.... Awesome... I also have a flag etiquette class to go help teach at one of the elementary schools on friday.. I get to wear my uniform....YES! After that I just have to start getting ready for the first football game of the season (including the clean-up after the game.)
All for now,

26 August 2005

Third day... Went well. Platoon SGT for 5th hour. Oh yeah!! 500 word essay on ME for English.. Can't she just read my blog???? Had to write a "my life" time line for history.... Dance tonight... Breaking in a brand new math teacher..or at least the Freshman are....Raiders starts Thursday morning 0600.. hooah... Flag etiquette same day at elementary school... No flags practice for marching band... First game a week from tonight. Tuesday should be interesting, it's the first PE day in JROTC ( and no, contrary to popular belief I will NOT be wearing "Puerto Rican Fence Climbers" ) Today we started teaching Let 1's how to do Attention, Parade Rest, Stand at Ease, At Ease , Rest, Present Arms.. Captain didn't want them to learn facing movements yet. ( Doesn't want them in the river as he puts it ) . Got everyone set up into their the looks of it, we are gonna have to have a 4th squad. Oh well.
Oh ok... if anyone knows.... Why do THEY ( and you know who you are ) stare at me??? It's a bit creepy....
When someone figures it out, let me know.... Please and thank you.
All for now....
Seeeee ya.....

24 August 2005

First day of school.....
Oh my.... First hour...Astro / Geo.... Teacher had us do the tornado and fire drill. The fire bell went off twice today....Somebody pulled it.... Beginning of year prank... Once before school and once during lunch...2nd hour.... Honors English... Not too bad. Teacher likes Unicorns. 3rd hour... History... Got a cool teacher... 4th hour...Francais 2... Same teacher, same french name. Class interrupted by an assembly ... 5th hour.... JROTC HOOAH!!!! Capt. gave threat briefing of expectations of year.. 6th hour.. TA for ......JROTC HOOAH!!!! Heard same threat briefing... Still impressive. ( Still think we should wear uniforms more ) 7th hour... Last hour of day... Math teacher... new to school... and teaching I think.... Had to explain JROTC to someone who is extremely perky in my class.. think cheerleader and multiply it by ten. .. Same person was happy, thrilled, bragging about getting in school suspension on the first day of school.. We can see what her goals are ... Flag practice... needs work..... Practice in the morning at 7:15 ... gonna wear a grey army jacket ... just to annoy those who don't get me. S-3 will high five me. S-3 looks very different since coming back from basic... Seems shorter now that he lost weight.. Either that or they shrunk him.
Mom got the PX done, check it out... like I said last... gotta get a teddy bear.. or two
Dance Friday night... Friend who just moved here from Virginia and I will hang together.... She is surprised there is a dance friday night after only 3 days of school.
All for now....
Seeee ya.....

20 August 2005

Last weekend before school. No rest for the wicked.
Time to shine the brass again.... Color Guard Monday , early am, beach party monday night, Tuesday, decisions... what am I to wear to school on Wednesday??????
Why do they start school in the middle of the week? It doesn't make sense.
Don't forget there is always hair decisions too...... I'll probably just ask Mom.
With JROTC uniform days, those decisions are made. I like those days, not to mention I look really good in class A's. Why can't there be more uniform days.....
But hey Mom got the website done ( now its just gotta go to the school to get uploaded ) , and the newsletter ( first one of the year always seems so... empty ) and the cafe shop ( I have to have a teddy bear or two, wonder how long mom will hold out before getting all the coffee mugs )
Made the decision to have birthday party at the beach, mom just needs to call them back and confirm so I can print my invitations.
Got all my school supplies, back in July... Had to beat the rush and get first picks.. Didn't want the leftovers. New backpack.. I am so hard on backpacks.. went thru 4 last year.. Might also be helpful if they didn't end up weighing 50-60 lbs... Is that even healthy for us kids??? Also might help if I use my locker more. But then again, Im not the only one... Gonna be a rash of hunchbacked people in 20 years.....But its good practice for carrying the ruck in raiders.....
New calculator, and no the dog didn't eat the old one.. Not sure why it didnt want to do cosine , tangents, etc . guess it just got cranky.
Well, more Monday...

19 August 2005

We're getting closer....
Ok, so the 04/05 archive album is up and running.. So kewl. Click here to see it.
So how do you break a laminator....yes, the laminator is broke. Enough said. But hey , got some McD's out of it.
So Mom still has a lot left to do... Ms. Perfectionist. Tomorrow, will post the CafePress link considering right now it wouldnt go anywhere.
Sent resume off to LTC at college of my choice .. Wow.. I did a lot last year.
And this year is looking equally busy.
Bday party at the beach.. woo hoo... Glad they got indoor pools.. October is looking like its gonna be cold.
Toodles for now

15 August 2005

T Minus 9 Days.....Monday... registration complete. Decided on black and silver silk shirt Mom knitted for me. Hate my id card. I never like my id cards. They look like mug shots. Was there longer than expected, ran into lots of friends. Same locker as last year. At least I know what to do to get it open. Slap it at the top, knee it near the lock, do the combination, jerk open.
Joined Big Brothers Big Sisters.... One hour a week commitment... I can do that. I want to be a teacher, so it would be good experience.
Made a princess cross stitch locker ornament for a friend, gave it to her at registration. She thought it was great. Making a nemo one for a friend obsessed with Nemo. Have one to make myself as well.
Ok, so Toodles.

14 August 2005

Sunday... 0800... I would rather be deep inside the computer asleep. Tomorrow registration. I like my schedule. I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't get moved and switched around second semester like most people. 5th hour JROTC. 6th hour TA JROTC. Does it get any better than that?
Color Guard. 22nd. 0800 School Cafeteria. On my calendar.
Do I have enough shoes?? Probably not. Need to go to and see what's on sale.
Found my dress for the cadet ball and it's on sale! Oh wow, need to go to Zappos for shoes to match !
This week, going to get my new bed set. CAMO !!!! ya baby ! Sheets,
comforter, shams.. THE WORKS ! Ok, no dust ruffle. Doesn't work on dorm beds.. would hang in my face at my desk.
T Minus 10 days until school starts ... YIPPEE! I miss school. Summer is often too long.
More tomorrow on how registration went...
Aren't these awesome?? Getting em this week !
Ok, Toodles !

12 August 2005

Day one...
Deep inside the computer, the cadet finds her way to the surface to share her sometimes not to coherant thoughts.
Hi all....Welcome to my world.
Registration on monday. I am prepared. 30 pages,signed, dated.. parental signature included.. but the nagging question.. What shirt shall I wear for pictures....
Decisions... I shall procrastinate until Monday.
So anyways...
Learn it now C/PVTs !!!! Cadet Creed
And for your viewing pleasure.. if you dare... My photo album
School starts in 14 days..... KEWL
More tomorrow, cause I still need to figure this whole thing out