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22 December 2007

So I'm a little late....

Get over it. I have been rather busy so lets see where we can catch up.....

School started, we had no school on the third day, because of the whole water thing. I turned 18, had a really sweet birthday party. Some of my friends from "the other" BN came down for it. We have competed in three raider challenges so far this year, I got to command one of them.

While we are on the subject..... I don't want to brag but.... my team was the only team to place in any events *does a victory dance* We got third place First Aid (thanks to me and the short one) and second place Land Nav (ok, we'll give credit to everyone for that). Now lets analyze the rest of it.... 10k: HAHAHAHAHAHA you're kidding, the words 10k and some of the members of my team go together like anchovies and peanut butter.
Rope Bridge: We did really good, considering it was and uphill, middle of the woods, had to wrap around 3 trees kind of rope bridge, we did it in 4:something. Somehow, SC found away to do it i 2:something... Is that possible????
Challenge course: The true test of how well a team can get along... or how well they can yell at each other and not listen to their commander *scowls*

So thats most of raiders. The next challenge is in the spring sometime.

This year we have AFI, not the highlight of the year, especially since the S1 and the S4 were fired, but we are doing ok. There has been several color guards, but the most eventful was one a few weeks ago......
Its 715 am, we are still waiting on the XO for briefing practice ( another story for later) CSM remembers that there is a varsity game for BBall tonight
"Hey, you wanna be on it?" He asks me.
"Sure, get me all the info." I say
"Yeah I will, you're gonna be in charge, I have to work tonight."
"Ok, are you setting it up, or do I have to?"
"I'll get it."

Fast forward to 15 min before the end of 7th hour....
"I've had two people drop out because they said its short notice."
"So grab the other amigo and someone else."
"He dropped to same thing, listen I have to go to work, call me tomorrow with how it went." *looks at him with raised eyebrow*
I now have until 330 to find 2 people for a CG at 515 (now we have established that we can arrive at about 530 and be fine, or else stand around for an hour). Long story short version.... I find people, train them in the back hallway, hope for the best, do the color guard, it goes well...except for the new S4 almost removing my ear with a rifle because he was shaking so bad.

Along with news in the battalion and general, lets go over to the future plans desk and see whats in store, future plans desk?
Yes, thank you battalion and general news desk. Today, we have exciting news: An Army 4 year full tuition scholarship has been awarded. Also, acceptance to three schools has been confirmed. Those schools are UIC, DePaul, and Loyola.
Our fearless leader plans to major in Political Science with minors in Education and French.
I believe thats all, let's head back to the B & G news desk.

So, I think we are caught up, Christmas break started yesterday, we don't go back until the 3rd. However, I will be at the middle school, doing the annual talk for JROTC on the 3rd and 4th.
Also, does it make sense to go back to school on a thursday?
See you all soon.... maybe... sort of...Oh for crying out loud you will hear from me when you hear from me.
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