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26 December 2006

Happy Boxing Day

Ok, so the day after Christmas, its still rather festive... ish. You get to take back the ugly christmas sweaters, the strange decorative thingys that your Aunt Edna get you every year and you put on a smile and say thank you. But it is also when you get to sit on the floor ( or on a stool in my case) and play with all of the new stuff you got. Anyways, I got socks with penguins, snowmen heads, hollyberries, and snowflakes. I got a fashion bug card, a bp gas card (Papa gets it, grandma not so much), an MP3 player, a new cell phone ( i can launch the space shuttle, well not really, but mom could), A watch (I needed one), and I got a necklace from dork boyfriend, I also got sheets from Grandma and Papa, but Grandma cant seem to buy camo, so I got od green and desert tan, hey it works, I also got a camo day planner, a camo pencil, and a set of headbands (camo, black, and tan) I am sensing a theme with the whole camo thing, how about you???????? Anyways tomorrow I have to go to exhibition practice. Thursday I have PT at 1pm. On tuesday the 2nd I have to go to the park to help take down the lights from the nights and lights show. The 3rd its back to school, the 13th is Council Bluffs Drill Meet. You see where this is going right?! So any ways Happy Boxing Day, Either take back your bad gifts, play with the good ones, or just have a nice 26th of December, and be happy.
and Happy Feet

P.S. Penguins ROCK

22 December 2006


Its that time of year again, its not the holidays, its not "that time of year." Its CHRISTMAS. Anyways, our first drill meet is on 12 JAN and we have Unarmed Regulation, Armed Regulation, and 2 teams of Color Guard competing, but the exhibitions wont be going to a competition for awhile. Mainly because of the fact that we dont have much of a routine in either one. Other than that we have Christmas break, no snow, lots of rain, drill practice, Chiefs thing, and New years all roled into one.
We did a modified APFT test ( 2 min of curlups and push up and 1 mile run) and I got the following
75 curlups
62 pushups
8:10 mile
All of which are my best time ever!!!!
I am really happy about that, plus I think I have lost some weight!!!
Well have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Joyeux Noel et bonne annee

and Light bulbs