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02 March 2008

Stephen King, Swans, Cadet Ball and whatever else I can think of.

I am assuming you all are reading the title and saying to yourself, "What the BEEP?" Let me explain....
First off, Mr. Stephen King if you are reading this for some freaky reason I would like to inform you that there is a highway in Iowa that can encompass about a third of your novels into it. Please check it out and consider writing a book on said highway.... Thank you.

So we had to go to Chicago this past weekend for an APFT, and some placement tests. My grandmother decides to obtain a hotel room, for mom and I, that is about four blocks-ish from the campus. They over book, we get upgraded. In the bathroom there is a swan folded out of towels. Mom obviously brought it home with her. The APFT went well, I scored a 230 total, would have been more if it hadn't been for the stupid 90 degree track. The placement tests went really well except for maybe chemistry (good thing I want to retake the class). We got home about 9pm, thank you Stephen King HWY (see above).

Friday is the Cadet Ball... It should go well, but then again who knows. The Wednesday after is AFI, are we ready? ..........ish........... wait..... Yes (*thinks to self, be a good leader and have confidence in the underlings*). After that theres the awards ceremony, graduation and the big move. Plus all the small crap that happens in between!

There everyone is somewhat caught up and put all the way through to May. So if I don't post til then, at least y'all will know whats happening.


P.S. I have a 30 page packet doohick from the MAJ and boy doesnt it look fun