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18 March 2006

Happy Day after St. Patricks Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

We didnt have school yesterday, spring break is starting this week..... one week of no school!!!!! Now, what to do for a whole week.....hmmm... Well The Sister is coming over for three days during the week, most likely her boyfriend will appear (which is cool), and dont forget anybody else who just randomly appears. Today, however, Dad is going to go help a friend build a cabinet thingy, Mom is going to go do lunch with her friends and I dont know what I am doing yet. I think I might actually be on the team for the raider challenge in april. We are done with drill meets for the year, but we have started Armed Exhibition and I have the bump on the head to prove it! So far spinning a 9.5 pound rifle is not going well, but I guess all good things willcome with practice and bruises....... Well thats all for now.
J'ai vu un lapin!!!!!!

10 March 2006


I have been busy ok, give me a break. Anyways, Drill team is done at Bellevue Armed Regulation took 2nd Place (thats the team I commanded). We took 1st Place overall Regulation and Team 2 (another team I commanded) beat Team1 by 4 points. Hahahahaha. Right now I am getting ready for the awards ceremony, isnt that just fun.... We had brigade inspection I did well except for the fact that I need to remember to breathe next time! The chicago man is in town. My friends and I are going bowling, but the boyfriend can't because he has to go to work! He's not happy, but he is here now and will be here sunday.. Time to go be social so I will see you later.
and Je suis tombe