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27 January 2007

This years cadet ball dress is here!!!!!!

I ordered this dress less than a month ago from CoCo Myles the dress is absolutely gorgeous. On the site you can design how you want the dress to look, what kind of beading you want if any, shawl or no shawl, long sash, short sash, or no sash. I love this site because you can design it the way you want. Anyways, this dress is a wine color with "royalty" beading, a black sash, and a wine shawl to match. I have a scoop neck with a ballroom skirt that goes straight to the floor, its a size four and fits wonderfully! Like I said I ordered it less than a month ago with rush on it and it got here yesterday (Friday) They told me that they would send it on thursday, I didnt think they would overnight it. IF you call after business hours and leave a message, they will call you back within 24 hrs. The customer reps are very helpful with the order and they email you a confirmation of purchase, and they send you a message when they are going to send it.
Anyways, with the dress I am going to wear a pair of black 2 1/2''- 3'' shoes with a little bow.
Jewelry and hair is still under construction, but hey thats ok.
Also guess what, I'm getting promoted to major, I ma the BC and DB is getting promoted to 2lt for PLT LDR
and happy feet.

15 January 2007

School cancelled too

its Monday Jan. 15 and there is no school today. Its actually worth saying because there is enough snow and ice on the ground, however, if there wasnt I would be sitting here thinking, "What the heck?" Anyways, tomorrow I have to go to school, get my uniform, get all my work from all my classes, etc. Then after school, I come home, finish getting ready to leave, and head for Chicago. I have a scholarship review board type thing for the ROTC scholarship. Tomorrow is the start of 2nd semester and I have American Govt. Im thinking that PC is gonna come in handy. Mom and I went to see Night at the Museum while Dad watched the Bears game, that movie was so cute. Robin Williams plays a Teddy Roosevelt statue, Bill Cobbs, Dick Van Dyke, and Mickey Rooney play old night security guards. Ben Stiller plays the guy who takes the job, and at the museum where everything comes to life at night because of this tablet thingy. Anyways it was cool, go see it.
and Happy Feet!!!!!!!!!!!

13 January 2007

Drill Meet cancelled

Yep, the Council Bluffs Drill Meet was cancelled. Here is how the week began:
Chief comes up to practice and says that the weather is supposed to get really bad by the weekend. He says he will make the determination on whether or not we were going to go by noon on friday, because it was a noon out. Well, friday arrives and the weather is just rainy, little ice, thats about it. Noon...1215 to be exact: Chief comes from his office, and says that the school in Council Bluffs cancelled their meet and is planning to reschedule due to a water main breaking and flooding the school. The school also runs on the boiler system, so there would be no heat or water in the school. So we did not have to make a weather call!!!!! So now our first drill meet is 10FEB in Smith-Cotton. So we have a little more time!!!! Thats all for now. By the way.... They said snow and ice by saturday.. so.... WHERE IS IT??????
Have a nice day

07 January 2007

I'm trying here....

Im working on being a good blogger, but sometimes I don't have anything to talk about. Anyways, I have a color guard over at the YMCA today, we have to raise a flag that flew in Iraq and was donated to the "Y." After that I have to come home and get ready for school tomorrow, and the drill meet next weekend. I am still kind of sick, coughing, stuffed up, etc. I will survive.
Well I am going to go eat breakfast.
and Snowflakes

06 January 2007

Drill Meet in one week

Our first drill meet is one week from today. We have to deal with uniforms during this next school week. Every body is going to get their last practice in before the meet. We only have the regulations and color guard. Its Council Bluffs so its the same old same old..... sort of.
Other than that I have come down with this lovely bug that just makes you fell crappy. Of course, I had to share with the parents.. They are getting ready to go to the doctor. We also have semester tests, starting monday so those should be so much fun. Thats all for now.
See ya later

01 January 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year everyone. So far the new year has brought me the "dreaded loogy" as mom puts it, the U of M team losing, the Bears losing and thats about it for the start of 2007. I have to go take down extension cords and all that jazz tomorrow at 9am, then I am back to school on Wednesday.... barring snow. The snow cannot come until after the 13th because thats when the 1st drill meet is and we need the practice. Other than that I am in my pajamas coughing up a lung.
So Happy New Year.
and Penguins

Penguins ROCK