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11 August 2007

School will start soon...

School starts on the 22nd, thats a week from wednesday. Before school starts I have to meet with Whit and write the expectations for JROTC, I have Raiders practice, I have the welcome back teachers color guard, I'm going shopping with Whit, and the substance abuse task force is having their annual back to school free beach party.

It's a crazy week, but the school supply shopping is done, all accept for this evil book I need for one of my classes. However, I think we are getting close though. I even have locker combo memorized again.... Hey, its one of those things one does not need to remember over the summer.

Thats all for now,

07 August 2007

Summer almost over

Returned from Summer camp on Friday... No major injuries, but I did faceplant and Dork tried to fly!!! Camp was awesome, the only disturbing part was drownproofing. I apparently have a twin, everyone says that we look alike on all sides accept the front, but there were people who got us confused that way too. I got another coin from our Company TAC for being a company cdr one day. I was in Bravo Company this year, which pretty much stomped everyone in the round robin. Of course there was drama, but it was minimal. I think what ticked me off the most about drama was KP and VB the last place those two girls belong is camp, I think they spent more time complaining then doing something. Oh, this is sad, but funny at the same time... There is this kid in JROTC who anytime he sees someone in a leadership position, will snap to attention. You literally think there is a broom up his butt that does not allow him to relax. Anyways, we were coming home and Dork was talking about the day of the PT test, and this kid was sitting next to us, he thought that Dork had said "attention" so he sits at attention for about 20 mins before I noticed he hadn't moved. We told him to go to rest, but he still wont relax. He asks (direct quote), "can I fall out, because I am still at rest?" He asked this, because we wanted him to relax. That boy needs to come out of his shell. In a nutshell that was camp, but now its back at it.

I have raiders on Wednesday, Registration for school on Thursday, and possibly meeting Whit on Tuesday the 14th for BN stuff. School starts on the 22nd, which is about two weeks away.
Summer went fast, but thats ok.