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23 August 2006

First Day of School..... a few weeks later!!!!

Nothing real exciting, but here is the low down
1st hour- Chemistry... Teacher- very interesting... Class- Shouldnt be to bad
2nd hour- JROTC- just the usual threat briefing
Advisory- (first of all it is a waste of time) "This is advisory, this is what we do get over it"
3rd hour- Parlez-vous francais anyone?
4th hour- Yipppeeee lets learn about the economy......... Social Security, Inflation, Stock market crashes, whoppeee dooo.
5th hour- Back to JROTC
6th hour- CP English, the whole welcome to the class thing
7th hour- Geometry same thing

All right, I know I know, I am slow, but get over it. In other news, Raiders- uh well lets say thats not going well. Drill starts in October. My birthday is in about 2 1/2 or 3 weeks, (the 27th).
I have COTM board wednesday after school, first one of the year, oh boy. Everyone is taking bets on how many will show. Well more later.
Blonde Insanity

21 August 2006

T-minus two days

And counting. Tonights the back to school beach party, then I am back on Wednesday. Did a color guard to welcome back the teachers on friday and I had about 3 teachers come up to me and ask, "Didn't I see you in the paper a few weeks ago?" Now thats annoying!!!!!!!!! I have all my stuff for school, you know, paper, pens and pencils, notebooks, calculator...etc. Its typical of me I know, but I have had all of my stuff for about a week now, hey you never know when they might change the date..... Ok ok I know, quit while I'm ahead, but you cant tell me that it cant happen..
Well talk to you all later
and School starts soon

16 August 2006

One Week!!!!!

7 days til school starts..... woohoo!!!!!! I am ready for it. I am a little scared about why CPT said to be ready, ah well, I guess I will find out. I have everything ready, pretty much (typical huh?). The grand opening of the teen center is tomorrow! We are having one of those "infamous get togethers" at the NGA, should be fun NO TUG-O-WAR!!! Anyways, its a short one today, but I will get back to the long ones that seem to never end soon enough.
Later gators
and blonde insanity

05 August 2006

Why is there clowns walking around downtown?

I am serious, for the past few days I think, there have been clowns walking around downtown... Its bizzare, I'm sorry, but here driving your tractor down main is normal, a traffic jam consisting of 5 cars max is normal, ibeing on the highway and only going 25 mph because a tractor is trying to get to the next town over is normal, BUT clowns walking up and down the streets of downtown... two words: NOT NORMAL!!!
Now that I have gotten off my chest, I feel better.... I like burritos and cheeseburgers!!!!! (Hey, its good to be random).
countdown check- 18 days til school starts. Yippeee
(Can you tell I have absolutely nothing to talk about?)
and blonde insanity

04 August 2006

The countdown

There are 19 days left until school starts, I have to go into Cpt and Chiefs office on tuesday, raiders on Monday, it was supposed to be tomorrow, but the person in charge did not get around to calling people. Another thing I have to talk to CPT about, along with Drill Team to Chief, Raiders to CPT, and do whatever it was that CPT called me about on Wednesday, but I didnt get until Thursday afternoon.... Ooops!!!!!
Anyways not much else going on, I got a haircut so far reactions have been:
A confused stare- boyfriend
Someone falling into a chair from laughter- Cracker
A scream, back into a corner and start laughing- S-5
I can't wait to see what sis does! All that happened was I went from long and all one length (and semi-straight) to layered and really wavy and short.
Talk to you later,
and Blonde Insanity