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28 June 2007

The weekend... a little late

Slightly behind, but thats ok!!! So, lets start with friday.
Friday- Mom and I left early on Friday morning in an effort to beat the storm. Did we beat it?... Nope! 55 mph from Fairfield to Muscatine to meet Auntie S for lunch. We couldn't see 10 ft in front of us. Halfway between here and Muscatine, Mom realizes that we forgot Auntie S' fleece and stitch markers. After some cussing, and some considerations of turning back, we decide to call and ask, she says to send it and just get here.
We arrive the weather has cleared up, we ate lunch, my shirt had a bad day courtesy of Orange juice, wildberry smoothie and god only knows what else. (it is doing better now that it has met the washer) We leave and are only a few steps ahead of the storm.
We start to get close to Mr. B and call to say so, we find that he has taken the day off, YIIIIPPPPPEEEE (*note sarcasm*) We told him that it wasnt necessary. We get to his place, relax a bit, go eat at shooters (let the food frenzy begin, Chief wont mind...ish, sort of. Ahh screw it, i want food)
Saturday- We awake at 0430 begin to get ready, leave at 0530, arrive at Franklins around 0715. We meet up with him, he gets his equipment and off we go!!!!!!
First stop, Millenium park, after a bathroom has been located so I can change!
We take some at the bean, While at the bean Franklin tells me, "Thank you for not being ugly!"
My thoughts were, "umm, ok, sure." Anyways, we finish at Millenium park, then its off to find a bathroom and change for the lions. I find the bathroom, but couldnt get the door open because i had to much stuff. Change into uniform and head to the lions, that was a quick one, but thats ok. Time to change again, off to Buckingham Fountain, we stand there, get the pics done, then head to the Michigan Ave Bridge, that was a little scary!!!! Everytime a bus or a large vehicle went by, the bridge would start to shake violently. However, the pictures for it came out really nice.
In fact, all of the pictures were really, really, really, really AWESOME! Heres one of them:
This one is by Buckingham Fountain, isnt awesome? I am going to have a real hard time picking which ones I want!!!!!!!!
That night we went and saw our friends band 7th Heaven. Their new singer is really cool, he is from Northern Ireland and he is an absolute riot. He has a lot of energy (either that or it was the red bull, who knows!) I really hope that they are able to find a date to come for my birthday party, *fingers crossed*.
We headed home Sunday, it was decent weather, we got home around 2pm I think. OH, I also have a new Penguin, his name is George.
Thats everything I think.
and Franklins awesome pictures!!!

08 June 2007


The last day of school was Tuesday, nothing real exciting there. The next day I have to go to W. DM to get my allergy test/ consult/ whatever. They determine that I need the test for bee stings, but the doctor wont do the test unless he has authorization to doo all tests from the Army. The army gave him permission to do the bee sting, but he doesnt want to do one now and the rest later. SO I have to go back Monday. So far this is my summer schedule:
allergy appointment #1
Classroom/staff office clean up
allergy appointment #2
Raiders practice
Flag Day color guards
Go to Chicago for Senior Pics
Blood drive
Corn detassling
Summer Camp
Now, all of this leads to the first week of August, school starts the 3rd week or so.
Thats the update for now, see ya all later.
and Pingouins