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19 January 2006

Oh where to start......

I'm going to start with Friday the 13th.... School was on a 1200 dismissal and my best friend stayed the night because we had a drill meet to go leave for at 0345 Saturday the 14th.
Its Saturday the 14th at 0315 two cadets have not shown up, then the father of these two cadets arrives and says they cant go because they are extremely drunk and have just been bailed out of jail. So we load the bus we travel to Council Bluffs... It has been decided that K.D. will command exhibition and we will march with a hole, and I, being the alternate, took on the competition color guard (another story to be told later). Our first event was at 0940 Unarmed Regulation, we get to that point it goes well, the biggest problem was probably alignment. Now, in between the time we arrived and unarmed reg, exhibition practiced in the parking lot and I worked with the other rifle to make sure we could get in sync for color guard. After that I had approx. 30 mins til color guard. We get on the floor I am basically shaking I am so nervous, but everyoones says I did really well, now here's the kicker, we get to a point in the routine that I only knew how to do from the left side ( Colors Reverse March) and no one thought about it, including me, so I just made it up and continued on, however, the minute I got off the floor I started to cry because I felt really bad, and The Commander ( brother) said that it wasnt my fault it was his, but I didnt see it that way. After Exhibition ( considering the circumstances went well) we left and went to the golden corral. My table was the best, somehow one cadet burped and i got something on my shirt, then at desert we all started doing gummi bear shots!!!! It was awesome... We get home, go through the rest of the weekend. Now here's Monday.........
I get to 5th hour we do the attendance thing, Captain calls me into his office to tell me... I have become the BN S-3 because the two people that got drunk were the BNCO and XO so they got fired, brother moved up and I took his place because I was supposed to become his assistant anyways. Now during 5th hour the AI was showing the drill tapes he took of the team and started literally bragging about me because, I held my composure throughout the rest of the color guard routine which surprised him greatly. So now I am a C/CPT and think I am doing pretty good. I think I covered all the important things so....
and Blonde Insanity

09 January 2006

whats up

Its monday, I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THE ACT's AGAIN...... I GOT A 24 thats good right?
Anyways my COTM is going to get smacked if he doesnt get it together he has had the packet for a week and I quizzed him and he knew maybe 4 out of the 8 questions I asked him. I told him that he needed to study, study, study, STUDY and I hope he takes my advice. I cant think of anything else to say. later
and Blonde Insanity

06 January 2006

Oh my..... gosh

Its drill meet time!!! We have the Council Bluffs meet in about a week. I hope we are ready, but we will see what happens when we get there. Anyways, I am the B team unarmed regulation commander, thats going ok, and I am the Battalion flag for B team color guard now we just have to find someone to take the rifle spot. Should be easy right? Platoon leader is going well, they arent giving me a lot of trouble. Its going to be fun when I give one of my cadets their demotion for acting out in class and not being in a high leadership position. My dress for the cadet ball is here... Yes!!! Now all I've got to do is get shoes and deal with hair and makeup issues. All for now
and wish me luck

something to think about:
Never knock on deaths door, ring the bell and run away, he hates that!!!
P.S. All who keep up to date with my blog Im sorry, but I dont always have the time to sit and type. So SORRY